Advice on giving a great presentation

it is always good to have some tunes or visual aids, depending on the technical capabilities of the conference
Never expect anything though, and be ready to read sans microphone
Whatever happens in the moments before your paper, don't panic.

print your paper at 14 pts or larger after you've made sure it's 8-9 pages as 12pt.
If you will use visual or media aids, put in [PLAY CLIP 1] with a line break.
the manuscript becomes for this presentation a kind of play's script
speak slowly, take time to set up your visual and media clips, and look up from the paper every once and a while.

A pet peeve of mine is when people talk over sound or video clips, unless they're doing some kind of experimental interaction. Set up the clip, then let it reveal your point!

So you're on your panel with some likeminded strangers. Talk to them, and listen to their papers!
If you're unlucky enough to have a 9am slot, you may have to do the polite thing of being their audience and asking questions so there isn't dead air.
When it's my turn to speak I always ask someone on my panel to write down the questions that are asked of me by audience members
bring a pen, paper, and business cards.

I would love to have feedback from folks about what a "good presentation" is for them, especially within the context of seeing a first time presenter and within the context of seeing one paper out of a whole weekend of papers. What makes a paper stand out?